Advantages and disadvantages of air spring

The air suspension system creates a cushion of air between the body and the wheels of the vehicle to reduce the feeling of vibration during the journey. In this article, we want to study and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the air spring system.

Advantages of air suspension system

1- Comfort and convenience

One of the main advantages of vehicles with air suspension (air springs) is the increased comfort of drivers, which makes it suitable for daily driving.Adjustable air suspension provides a more comfortable ride on low-quality roads and can improve vehicle handling when driving off-road.Using an air spring above the wheels instead of a spring improves the quality of travel for passengers.

2- Reducing noise and vibration

Another advantage of the air suspension system is less wear and tear of the suspension system and vehicle components due to reduced vibrations, especially when driving with heavy loads.Air suspension neutralizes potholes, uneven surfaces, and speed bumps in the road, allowing your vehicle to slide and move smoothly on the road surface.

3- Versatility on the road

The air suspension system allows the driver to adjust the vehicle according to their personal preferences for ride comfort and handling. With air suspension system, higher cornering speeds and greater levels of cornering control can be achieved because the vehicle is more adaptable to road conditions.An adjustable suspension system that can lower the vehicle's height on the ground means that at higher speeds, drag is significantly reduced.In addition, the ability to raise the vehicle's height for daily usage is very useful for off-road driving.

4- Versatility under load

Another advantage of the air suspension system is its versatility under load.The height of the truck or trailer can be adjusted according to its load.It also makes loading easier from the start.The purpose of the air suspension system is to create uniformity in all wheels.Using an air spring reduces the risk of the vehicle body turning in turns, breaking and moving the load, and damage caused by vibrations.In addition, due to the greater strength and stability of the vehicle, the driver will have better control over the vehicle.

5- Less fuel consumption

Since vehicles with air suspension can be adjusted according to the type of road, their fuel consumption will be lower.For example, a lower height for highway driving means better aerodynamics and less wind resistance.Conversely, a suspension system that is better suited to the road surface with better control can achieve higher cornering speeds, resulting in time savings on twisty tracks.

Disadvantages of air suspension system

1- Cost

One of the disadvantages of the air spring system is its cost, which is more than the traditional spring suspension system.Usually only luxury cars and trucks and buses have internal air spring systems.

2- Maintenance

Another disadvantage of the air suspension system is its maintenance cost.In the short term, air-suspended vehicles are more reliable, but they tend to travel longer distances and spend more time on the road, where frequent repairs may be necessary.Not repairing the suspension is not really a good choice.If your suspension system fails, your vehicle will lean to one side while driving.You can replace the air spring system with a cheaper, traditional steel spring, but you'll lose the well-known benefits of air suspension vehicles.

3- Mechanical problems

Air suspension systems are also prone to mechanical problems.Your suspension system may be malfunctioning due to rust or moisture damage from the inside, or failure of the air connections in the air pipe connecting to the air system.Leaks are also common in air springs and can lead to compressor burnouts.

Is the air suspension system (air spring) worth the money spent?

While the disadvantages of air suspension include the higher cost of installation and maintenance, the benefits of air suspension vehicles are far greater.The air spring system is a reliable feature that provides better comfort and quality while driving, the ability to deal with any type of road, the ability to carry various types of load and better fuel consumption.

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Written by:HosseinTafrishi (Technical-engineering expert of Sam Sanat Andia)

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